To describe this personality, one has to look beyond the scope of the dictionary. He sings in his own style, Punjabi culture lives in the writings of his personality, his Sufi thoughts go deep in his poetry, and everyone gets lost in his composition. Once he starts MEHFIL, everyone gets glued to their seats. Satinder Sartaaj was born in the village of Bajrawar, Distt. Hoshiarpur (Punjab eastern). Living in the sleepy village as a child, Satinder hooked to the melody emanating from the Flute and Sarangi of the wondering folk artists.

Talking about his schooling from his own village and nearby villages Chahewal & Patti, he says “I started performing at the Bal-Sabhas when I was in 3rd class and this marked the beginning of my journey!” After that, he joined Govt. College, Hoshiarpur to complete his graduation in Music with Honours. Side by side, he joined Sangeet Visharad, a five year diploma in classical music from Jallandhar. After completing his graduation and diploma, Satinder went to Panjab University, Chandigarh for a Masters in Music. With blessing from his parents, he completed a M.Phil and PhD with a Specialization of Sufi Music. To understand the deep thoughts of Sufi Poetry, Satinder completed a Certificate Course and Diploma in Persian (Farsi) Language. During this time, he started writing poetry and making his poetic name (Tkhallus) SARTAAJ. Now Dr. Satinder Sartaaj has been teaching at the Department of Music in Panjab University in Chandigarh for the last six years.

…Sartaaj says that “Sufi Music connects me with God,” insisting that of late he has developed a passion for poetry but nowadays its more of poetry than anything else. An ardent lover of nature, Sartaaj has dedicated several of his compositions to nature because from the beginning he was drawn to the beauty and fragrance of flower, rainbows, and the tranquil flow from the water creating rhythmic pattern. Thought too young to analyze the innate pleasure derived from the natural phenomena, he was yearning to delve deep into the creations, and gave birth to religious and sufiana thoughts in his young mind which later made an impact on his career choice. Gifted with a mellifluous voice and a remarkable range in all octaves, Sartaaj followed the dictates of his inner soul and chose to reveal the glory of Mysticism.

Sartaaj is already a name to reckon with in his field. He recalls an occasion when the prolonged applause from music lovers from 32 countries greeted the young Punjabi at Dubai International Cultural Festival where we was crowned with the Best Sufi Singer Award, living up to the meaning of his name Sartaaj, the Supreme. Sartaaj has a galaxy of achievements. He featured in a documentary on the life of Sayyad Waris Shah on Zee Punjabi in 2003. He was also a guest artist on the Zee Antakshri show with Anu Kapoor. He is the winner of a Scholarship in Sufi Music from the Department of Culture, Government of India and he was also the First runner-up in the 24th All-India Light Vocal competition. Sartaaj also won the title for Punjab Heritage Foundation, Patiala. He has received many letters from various institutions, colleges, and universities to judge their Music Competitions. Satinder Sartaaj has done lots of live concerts with his troop in the area of Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi and other states. He was covered by many newspapers like the Times of India, Indian Express, The Tribune, etc. Sartaaj was also interviewed by many channels like Zee-Punjabi, PBC Channel, Punjab Radio Edmonton Canada etc. He has received an award of honors from various institutions and organizations like Punjab University Chd, Punjabi University in Patiala, Army Head Quarters Chd, Indian Microelectronics Society, Global Punjab Organization Delhi, OSHO World Delhi & Panchkula, Deputy Commissioner Mansa, and DAV group of Institutions. Recently, Satinder Sartaaj was crowned with the Youth Icon Award from Rotaract Club Chandigarh.

Sartaaj has just completed his successful tour of Canada. He had 18 sold out shows and performed in all major cities in Canada. He had 5 shows in Toronto, 3 in Vancouver, 2 in Calgary, 2 in Edmonton, and 1 each in Abbotsford, Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax. It occurred for the first time in the history of Indian entertainment that someone had 5 sold out shows in Toronto in one season. His shows were sold out in a record of 1 hour and 35 minutes. He also attended many dinner parties where tickets were sold and where he performed live. He was honoured by many organizations during his trip as well, including the Panjab University Chandigarh Alumuni Association (Pucaa), and the Punjabi Arts Association. He was also honoured by many Canadian members of Parliament in many cities. He is a new sensation for the Canadian audience. He has touched the lives of people ranging from infants to senior citizens. People love his melodious voice, beautiful poetry and mesmerizing compositions. He has influenced many lives with his music that people have continuously been talking about Sartaaj and his remarkable singing and poetry talent. Canadians cannot wait for him to return and perform again next year.


Comments (5)

  • jp verma


    Sartaj sir i am great fun of you.


  • pardeep bhatia


    Zindgi me kya paya . . Kya khoya. . . .
    Aksar m ye sochta hu. . .

    Par jb. . .dr. Sartaaj g de. . Song sunta hu. . . . .

    Bs yhi feel hota h. . . . . Sbse acha kaam maine ye songs sunkr kiya h. . . .

    Heads off to sartaaj g. . . . . . . . . .

    Rab kre . . Aap g chardi kalan vich rho hmesha


  • Gagandeep Singh Mann


    Hello… Sartaaj bai ji…


    may u’ll be read this or not.. but.. if you will.. plz reply me also..

    zindagi ne aksar kai sapne dikhaye c.. as My fathere is an Army officer.. oh khyab v aya c DIL wich.. but jis din te tuhade songs sunea ne.. zindagi da asli maksad pta chal gya hai.. pta nai kadi achive kr pawnge ja nhi.. bt haan koshish jarur krnge.. !!

    haan .. oh gal wakhri hai k.. sanu v thoda bahut likhan te gaun da shauk hai.. lekin kadi music di padai lai kise ne support nai kita.. bs. professional world and all that… but now I decided that.. I will become an Army officer first then anything else.. main a nai janda k eh sab main tuhade naal discuss kyun kr reha…… kr reha.. !!! …

    Rabb ne chaeya te tuahnu jarur milange… ho skeya te tuhade naal rabb sanu kadi kam krn da mauka v dewe…!!

    baki 22 g.. Rabb tuhanu hameha chardi kala bakshe…. !

    you are the BEST & Best of this entire WORLD… I MUST SAY,,,,,,,,,,,, !!!

    few lines by me for you:
    “zindagi ki hai aksar eh main sochda rehnda c…
    pr Sartaaj ne sikhaya esda asli matlab mainu…
    ki ne krni c…. JOB ja k kise de thale…
    krna ki hai zindagi ch eh smjaya mainu….”

    “ohnz da duniya te ai c sitare kai…
    pr na ai c aaj tak koi sartaaj wrga…
    mainu smj na awe k kitho shuru kran..
    mera ek v lafaz nahi hai… shayraan wrgaa……”

    Baba nanak meher kre……………………..>> !!!

    for readers of this post my FB Id is :


  • jaspal sandhu


    sartaj bai ji….main tuhada mureed haan…


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