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Album : Ibadat
Singer : Satinder Sartaaj
Lyrics : Satinder Sartaaj
Composer : Satinder Sartaaj
Music : Jatinder Shah
Label : Finetone Cassettes Industries


Offical Tracklist :

Track No.  Title Singer Lyrics Duration
01 Ibadat Satinder Sartaaj Satinder Sartaaj 00:08:22
02 Judaaiyan Satinder Sartaaj Deepak Jaitoi Sahib 00:06:46
03 Mann Satinder Sartaaj Satinder Sartaaj 00:14:13
04 Umaran De Sathi Satinder Sartaaj Gurnam Sidhu 00:08:22
05 Tappe Satinder Sartaaj Satinder Sartaaj 00:06:47
06 Aa Mil Yaar Satinder Sartaaj Bulleh Shah(Title)/Satinder Sartaaj 00:09:23
07 Tere Qurban Satinder Sartaaj Bulleh Shah 00:07:20


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